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The Age of Arthur: Post Roman Britain for the Historical Wargamer Part 11: Campaign Scenario 1: The Eagles have Flown

The Scenario The bid by the British officer Constantine ‘III’ to become western emperor has failed. Realizing this, the commanders in Britain have expelled his officers and agents and declared their loyalty to the Emperor Honorius in Ravenna.  But things are difficult.  Society and economy are in turmoil, and the cabal of officers ruling the province … Continue reading

Basic English grammar for wargames writers/editors

I bought Wargames Illustrated again yesterday, for a variety of pieces, not least the one on British cruiser tanks, for my interest in 1940.  There’s also a nice piece on Verneuil (1424) too, and a rather silly one on Sven Forkbeard.* But it is none of these that makes me write my first post for months. … Continue reading