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The Last Wars of the Western Empire: Part 3: Barbarians and Barbarization

Fourth-century ‘barbarisation’ and fifth-century foederati The so-called barbarisation of the Roman army has sometimes been argued to have been one reason for the Empire’s fall.  The traditional view (one that goes right back to Zosimus, a pagan historian writing in the early sixth century) is that the Empire recruited ever more barbarians, who in some … Continue reading

Worth the wait? Not sure…

This post veers off the topic of ‘Dark Age’ Warfare (on which more soon).  One or two of you might know that I am an aficionado of the noble 1/72 plastic figure.  Probably rather more of you might know that the last week or so has seen something of a momentous event, in the release … Continue reading


I have added a page with a gallery of pictures of my 28mm 5th-century post-imperial British army.  The shield designs and motifs on the borders of the tunics are based upon the ‘Quoit Brooch Style’ metalwork found south of the Thames.  In my ‘Age of Arthur’ series I suggested that the political grouping suggested by … Continue reading