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More on that Cataphract

Here is a useful discussion of the picture of a ‘fifth-century’ cataphract that I posted some time ago.  Lots of useful points and links.  I must admit that I did just take the date on trust from the museum card but late antique archaeology in Lyon is pretty good.  I can say that the ‘plus min’  age formula runs at least to the later sixth century.  I’m *pretty sure* that DM (Dis Manibus – the pagan formula) remains on tombstones for a long time as a sort of archaism (though I’ve not double-checked), like references to ashes and tumuli.  Anyway, there seem to be reasons to put a question mark over the fifth-century date unless I find a more recent technical discussion. (I wonder if it’s in the RICG volume for Lyon but I’m pretty sure we don’t have that in York.  Bof.)  Shame.



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