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Michael Gove’s history lesson

Michael Gove’s history lesson Article to appear in the next Miniature Wargames perhaps under Gove’s nom de plume of ‘Graham Evans’. Advertisements

A Merovingian heavy cavalryman

I came across this picture today. It is a rather lovely archaeological drawing of a ‘phalera’ from Seengen in the Aargau (Switzerland) showing a horseman rather like the better known one from the Isola Rizza dish. He has a helmet and armour reaching to the knees. This sort of kit is pretty well known in … Continue reading

More on the right-wing rewriting of Great War history

More on the right-wing rewriting of Great War history Here is a much briefer and better informed piece by the Regius Professor of History at Cambridge (no less) – and incidentally the person who appointed me to my first job – further knocking on the head all that ‘just war against the nasty Hun’ guff … Continue reading

Myths of the Huns

Myths of the Huns Not about WWI, before you ask…  Some of you may be interested in this, although it’s not about wargames.  There was a recent issue of Wargames Illustrated that trotted out most of the usual guff about Huns (largely because it was written by a couple of the ‘usual suspects’), including their … Continue reading

The Lousy Great War: Myth or Alternative Interpretation?

[As alluded to in the last post, here is a piece that I will probably send off to Miniature Wargames in response to the piece by Graham Evans in the current issue.  I doubt they’ll accept it.] Paul Valéry once wrote that a poet spends a whole life looking for true poetry.  Similarly, a historian spends … Continue reading

So-Called Myth versus so-called History

It’s a looooong time since an article in a wargames magazine made me physically angry, so hats off to the officer-class right-wing twaddle peddled in the current Miniature Wargames by Graham Evans.  But here are the bells of midnight, so more of this anon.