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One step forward, five steps back

In a rather good article in the last Wargames Illustrated (I think) Barry Hilton talks about the embarrassment of admitting that you dabble in the dark art of wargaming. (As a friend and former wargamer once said: ‘A paedophile?  Thank God!  For a minute, there, I thought you were going to tell me you were a … Continue reading

Basic English grammar for wargames writers/editors

I bought Wargames Illustrated again yesterday, for a variety of pieces, not least the one on British cruiser tanks, for my interest in 1940.  There’s also a nice piece on Verneuil (1424) too, and a rather silly one on Sven Forkbeard.* But it is none of these that makes me write my first post for months. … Continue reading

What’s up, doc?

The current Wargames Illustrated is a nice idea.  A themed issue about artillery through the ages, with scenarios to match.  I don’t often buy Wargames Illustrated any more; it’s too much of a collection of glorified sales plugs and to be honest I didn’t like the way the current owners took over without so much … Continue reading